The Club Strings

The Club Strings are a highly experienced and professional string quartet whose musical presence is ideal for adding a touch of class to your wedding or function. With a diverse repertoire that spans from baroque to romantic to contemporary arrangements of modern favourites, their superb musical sounds will add elegance and flair to any event.

With years of performance history between them, the members of The Club Strings are all highly trained musicians and have performed all over Australia and abroad with various symphony and chamber music orchestras that include:

  •  The Angel Orchestra London
  • Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra
  • Monash Academy Orchestra
  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  • Australian Asian Orchestra
  • Corpus Medicorum

Have a special song you’d liked performed at your event? The Club Strings can provide arrangements of just about anything upon request. In addition to the exquisite sound, The Club Strings are a professional and well-presented group that brings an aesthetic of sophistication that is sure to impress. Whether you’re hosting a long lunch, a garden party, a lavish dinner or a memorable wedding, The Club Strings will bring to your event a touch of sophistication that only high quality live music can create.

Every event is different and has its own individual needs when considering live music. We would love to help you personalise and create a successful and memorable event.

For any advice or further information please contact us via the form on the contact page.